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Travelling Trunks

The Alliance has developed three Living History Wooden Trunks that are available to events organisers in Eastern Ontario.

These unique wooden trunks help bring the War of 1812 to life for children and include:

  • Youth Barrick Tunics
  • Wood Click Muskets
  • Stovepipe Shako Hats
  • Drum & Drumsticks
  • Large Union Jack Flag & small flags
  • Games - cup & ball, button spin, windmill
  • Wooden fifes
  • General Brock statue & book
  • Moccasins
  • Messenger Wampum strings
  • Penny Whistles
  • Courting Coil Candles
  • 1812 Timeline Rulers - Heroes & Events
  • 1812 Colouring Posters
  • Heritage Blankets

Reservations for the trunks can be made through our online booking form located below our calendar. Please note that priority will be given to Alliance events. Otherwise, reservations are made on a "first come, first serve" basis.

We do not offer free delivery of trunks. Currently, there are three trunks distributed throughout the region. Should you wish to book a trunk for your event, you will need to ensure pick up and drop off of the trunk.

The trunk for the Eastern Region is stored at the Cornwall Armoury. (Displayed in yellow)

The trunk for the Central Region is stored at the Brockville Museum. (Displayed in red)

The trunk for the Western Region is stored in Kingston. (Displayed in blue)


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